Galvin-Rowley Executive Expands Service Offerings with New Consulting Division

By Jennifer Galvin-Rowley

New Release | May 2023

Galvin-Rowley Executive (GRE), a leading Executive Search firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Consulting division, which includes the addition of Interim Executive Placements to its suite of services. This strategic expansion is a natural progression driven by the increasing demand for diversified engagement opportunities from our valued clients and talented candidates. With evolving work environments becoming essential across various industries and workplaces.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, having an agile workforce is crucial. Change programs, special projects, and parental leave are just some typical events that lead to temporary gaps in capability that are ideally filled by interim executives rather than permanent appointments.

Recognising this need, GRE has invested in building long-term relationships with top talent in the market, providing our consultants with access to a pool of high-quality, pre-qualified candidates for consulting roles. These executives have either chosen a portfolio career or possess immediate circumstances that make an interim role attractive.

One of the critical advantages of GRE’s Executive Consulting division is our ability to draw upon pre-existing relationships with candidates, resulting in a high degree of confidence in their capability, reliability, and commitment. This trust and loyalty established over time between GRE and the candidates enable us to place them into interim roles with a strong sense of assurance, providing employers with greater peace of mind.

Key aspects of our interim executive service include:

  • Carefully Selected and Vetted Interim Executives: We meticulously select and vet our interim executives at GRE. These individuals are seasoned senior executives with proven track records of success. Our thorough screening process ensures that only the most qualified and accomplished professionals are considered for interim placements.
  • Comprehensive Support on Assignments: We understand the importance of supporting our interims throughout their assignments. GRE provides detailed feedback, actively manages the relationship, and ensures that the interim executive and the client are fully supported for optimal outcomes.
  • Years of Experience and Expertise: With our deep knowledge of the interim marketplace, GRE has acquired years of experience in “getting it right.” This expertise allows us to understand interim placements’ unique challenges and dynamics, providing our clients with exceptional service and successful engagements.
  • Temporary Relocation and Remote Working: Recognising the fluid nature of today’s business environment, many of our interim executives are willing to relocate temporarily or work remotely to another state or territory, ensuring a flexible and adaptable workforce that can meet clients’ specific needs.

With the launch of our Consulting division and the introduction of Interim Executive Placements, GRE is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the modern workplace. We are committed to delivering exceptional executive search solutions while diversifying our offerings to provide our clients and candidates with unrivalled engagement opportunities.

For more information about our Consulting division and its benefits to your organisation, please get in touch with Jen Galvin-Rowley at or 0410 477 235 or Laura Gaugain at


About Galvin-Rowley Executive:
Galvin-Rowley Executive (GRE) is a leading Executive Search firm renowned for its exceptional talent acquisition solutions across diverse industries. With a deep commitment to understanding client needs and leveraging an extensive network of executive talent, GRE provides customised search strategies and unparalleled service to help organisations thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

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