Appointment Announcement | Todd Bentley, Chief Risk Officer, Victorian Building Authority

By Jennifer Galvin-Rowley

We are delighted to have placed Dr Todd Bentley at the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) in the newly created role of Chief Risk Officer.

Sue Eddy, Chief Executive Officer at the VBA recently announced Todd’s appointment.

“As the State’s building and plumbing regulator, our people make risk-based decisions every day as we deliver our regulatory functions in an ever changing environment.

Todd’s extensive expertise in applying risk and assurance approaches to make better decisions will be immensely valuable as we work to implement our Annual Plan and deliver better regulatory outcomes.

Todd is also highly experienced in the areas of assurance, governance, safety, systems design and systems thinking.

He is passionate about driving change across whole of industry. This is demonstrated by his recent role in the development and delivery of the rail industry’s ‘Industry Safety Strategy’ via his leadership of several rail industry bodies. Todd has worked with safety critical industries including various agencies in transport and the Royal Australian Air Force to develop and implement enterprise wide risk and integrated management systems, and held the position of Executive Director Safety, Environment and Risk at Metro Trains Melbourne from 2013 – 2019.

Todd commences with us on 1 March. Please join me in welcoming Todd to the VBA.”

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