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Behavioural Profiling


TriMetrix EQ combines three sciences of performance, helping you to understand people in three key areas of performance:

  • HOW we behave and communicate — using the world-famous DISC assessment
  • WHY we move into action — using the simple yet powerful Motivators assessment
  • DO we actively apply the principles of emotional intelligence — using the TTI EQ assessment

The TriMetrix EQ reports provide feedback across five sections: Behaviours, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence, as well as two integrated sections. The first integrated section combines Behavioural and Motivational feedback and the second combines feedback from all three areas. This layered approach provides a fantastic framework for people to understand and become more active in applying the principles of emotional intelligence.

As our understanding of people and how they differ grows, so too must our assessment methodologies. When using a traditional single-dimensional assessment, we can miss (or have to assume) so much about what makes a person who they are. With a multi-science assessment, such as TriMetrix EQ, we are able to make finer distinctions between individuals and understand how to help them be most productive.

Jennifer Galvin-Rowley is fully accredited in TriMetrix EQ.

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